Who Are Your People?


Think about it. What if you were alone in outer space, perhaps shot there in a Tesla roadster by Elon Musk, and came across an alien species who (using Google Translate, of course) asked you the following questions: 

"Where are you from?"


"Are there more of you?"

Yes. Over 7 billion.

"Your people are many."

(Hm. My people? I've never thought of them that way). Yes, they-...we are.

"What is 'they-we?'"


"Nevermind. Tell us about your people."


Who are your people? Are they your family? your tribe? your country? the entire world? Could you say that every single human on the planet collectively were "your people?" And in all of their diversity, skills, wisdom, traditions and cultures, they...We...are actually One People. 

This is what we are about: Us. Unity. I'm honored to be a part.

Of us.


Now. About this:

This is a resource for us.

To get released from the tensions of our past.

To grow. To be bigger. To be generous, daring, and magnanimous (those are some of my favorite words). To be human in the ocean of God’s love which is this planet, which is his kingdom. The shadows are shrinking, my friend. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Let’s be bigger than we ever dreamed possible.

How does God lead this thing? Not in the controlling way you were taught…No, He is the inviter, the beckoner, the voice inside.

He is the dream.

He is the yearn.

He is the ache.

What are you waiting for? Follow it. Go be you.

No one else will.