Welcome to garretthjones!


This is my official welcome post on my new blog! A royal welcome to you. This is my attempt at passing on to you inspiration for your journey in life. (I was going to say "spiritual journey" but I think that's redundant. All of life is spiritual. And true spirituality is real life. Amen!) This is also a welcome to me to the blogosphere. I know. I know. It's about time. But make room internet. I'm finally here. 

Why another spirituality blog? Because the world needs more color. That's what I say. And I—just like you—was born to create something. My particular paintbrush happens to be a keyboard. And I simply love to write. I especially love to write about life in this beautiful Kingdom-of-God-saturated world we find ourselves in (btw, that doesn't mean there isn't more room for Heaven on Earth; it just means there's much more it than we typically realize). 


My hopes for this open journal experiment is that this would be a place that Revelation and Revolution collide...where we play with God and maybe break a few shackles of tradition along the way. We all carry a limp in life from our unique wrestle with God. We may as well add some encouragement to each other along the way. I have so much encouragement to share with you. My heart is full of joy for having seen the face of God...the most beautiful person I...have...ever...[speechless jaw drop]...Tomes can be written reflecting on the richness of our silent encounters with the Divine. 

If you want to know more about me, read my About page. Look forward to new, fresh content coming soon!