welcome to the renovation

Sometimes, what we need most of all is knowing that we aren’t alone. We aren’t. And you aren’t. No matter what damaging teaching you have come through in the church…No matter how many babies and bathwaters you’ve tried to separate and discard…No matter if you know how to articulate your spiritual journey or not, Welcome. I hope this can be a peaceful place of restoration and renovation for you. We will talk about our evolving faith, our emerging understanding of the Kingdom of God, our post-deconstruction hunger for meaning and community, and the big question—what is church, now?

Come in, Why don’t you? Let me show you around…

First things first. Make yourself at home.

The blog part of this site is under the tab, “Renovate,” in the menu above. You’ll find helpful articles related to church, theology, spirituality in practice, and even a few on parenting.

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Give yourself a gift. You deserve it.

I wrote a very approachable book on theology that untangles some very unhelpful ideas that claim to come from the Bible—ideas like God controlling events, knowing the future, choosing who gets saved, punishing Jesus, and other silly nonsense that keeps getting circulated in churches. Writing this was my way of detoxing, or getting catharsis, which literally means, “an emotional release of tension.” Click here for a cathartic detox: Catharsis: A Spiritual, Emotional, & Biblical Journey Out of the Tensions of Religion.